Do you charge a session fee?

In the hospital we waiver our session fee for the new parents at Baptist Women's Hospital. In the hospital you only pay for the package you have chosen to purchase.

Outside of the hospital, each photographer charges a session fee in addition to a package purchase.


How long is the photo session?

The photo shoot normally lasts 15 minutes.


When & Where will the photo session take place?

We photograph in the morning hours in the convenience of your hospital room.


How do I book an appointment?

The following morning after your delivery, we will visit each new patient's room to schedule an in room session. We will have a photographer at Baptist everyday.


What should I bring for the photo session?

We cannot take props/outfits from room-to-room for health reasons. Any outfits, blankets, sentimental items, and props you will need to bring. Click on link below to view suggested pack list.


My baby is in NICU, can I still schedule a photoshoot?

Yes, we can. We typically wait until the baby is close to being discharged and has clearance from the nurse. Call us to schedule a time and to go over specific needs.


What if my newborn is having tests done at the time of our appointment?

The medical staff has priority over our photo session. We will work our schedule around any medical procedures.


When will our photos arrive?

Your photos will arrive in 2-3 weeks. We allow time for retouching and shipping.